Jewelry Care

Ever wonder how to keep your jewelry looking fresh? Here are a few household tips! #goodmetalcareonly

To Clean:

1. One simple way is to use soap and water; gently clean with your hands and dry with a clean paper towel or dishrag. (Think of your piece like your face, avoid drying with anything too rough; you have a chance of scratching the surface.) Soft surfaces please!

To Polish:

1. Each piece includes a complimentary "pro polish pad". If you ever feel like your silver isn't as shiny as it once was, no fear! Just rub the high spots (or shiny spots) with the white pad. The more you rub it, the shinier it will get. Easy enough!***

2. If your pro polish pad has lost its luster, of course you may reach out and we can get you set up with more pads. If you'd rather stick with another home remedy, you may always use some old clean leather. Again, the more friction you create, the shinier the metal will get.***

***If your piece has a patina, (intentional dark spots, or a green looking surface on copper) try to avoid that area of the piece when polishing the shiny spots. Patina can come off if it is tampered with too much. 


If you have any more questions, send us a quick note and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as we can! Thank you for your business, and thanks for reading this! Have an awesome day! #goodmetalcareonly